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Advanced Topics in Business Computing CS3606 Module
Advanced Topics in Computer Science CS3001 Module
Advanced Topics in Computer Science and Information Systems CS3001-CS3606 Module
Algorithms and their Applications CS2004 Module
Artificial Intelligence CS5707 Module
Artificial Intelligence CS3002 Module
Artificial Intelligence CS5807 Module
Business Analysis and Process Modelling CS2006 Module
Business Computing Project CS3605 Module
Business Integration CS5518 Module
Computer Science Project CS3072 Module
Computer Science Projects CS3072-CS3605 Module
Critical Analysis of Modern Data CS5802 Module
Cybersecurity CS3609 Module
Data and Information CS1703 Module
Data and Information Assessment CS1805 Module
Data Visualisation CS5803 Module
Data Visualisation CS5703 Module
Deep Learning CS5708 Module
Deep Learning CS5808 Module
Digital Design Methodologies CS5604 Module
Digital Innovation and Strategy CS5709 Module
Digital Innovation and Strategy CS5809 Module
Digital Media and Games CS3005 Module
Digital Service Design Applications CS5602 Module
Dissertation CS5500 Module
Distributed Data Analysis CS5811 Module
e-Business CS3607 Module
Ethics and Governance of Digital Systems CS5705 Module
Ethics and Governance of Digital Systems CS5805 Module
Fundamental Programming Assessment CS2800 Module
Fundamental Programming Assessment CS1811 Module
Graduate Development CS2554 Module
Group Project Lectures and Tutorials CS1701 Module
Group Project Reflection CS1803 Module
High Performance Computational Infrastructures CS5810 Module
High Performance Computational Infrastructures CS5710 Module
High Performance Computational Infrastructures CS5607 Module
Human-Computer Interaction CS3009 Module
ICTs And Strategic Change CS5517 Module
ICTs in Society CS2007 Module
Information Systems and Organisations CS1004 Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS0601 Module
Introduction to Computing CS0001 Module
Introduction to Programming CS0002 Module
Introductory Programming CS2700 Module
Introductory Programming CS1702 Module
Logic and Computation CS1005 Module
Logic and Computation CS2600 Module
Machine Learning CS5706 Module
Machine Learning CS5806 Module
Modern Data CS5702 Module
Network Computing CS3004 Module
Networks and Operating Systems CS2005 Module
Predictive Data Analysis CS5812 Module
Professional Practice CS5587 Module
Quantitative Data Analysis CS5801 Module
Quantitative Data Analysis CS5701 Module
Research Methods in Information Systems and Computer Science CS5767 Module
Research Project Management CS5704 Module
Research Project Management CS5804 Module
Social Media CS3608 Module
Software Design CS1809 Module
Software Development and Management CS2002 Module
Software Engineering CS3003 Module
Software Implementation Event CS1810 Module
Software Project Management CS3100 Module
Systems In Context CS5515 Module
Usability Engineering CS2003 Module
Work Placement (ISC - thick) CS2555 Module
Year 2 Group Project CS2001 Module

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