1. Essential 1 item
    1. Lehninger principles of biochemistry - David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox, Albert L. Lehninger 2017

      Book Essential reading

  2. Recommended 4 items
    1. Biochemistry - Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Gregory J. Gatto, Lubert Stryer 2015

      Book Recommended reading

    2. Molecular cell biology - Harvey F. Lodish 2016

      Book Recommended reading

    3. Molecular cell biology - Harvey F. Lodish 2003

      Book Recommended reading This edition contains a section on lipid metabolism and its role in arteriosclerosis which has been removed from the newer versions of the book.

    4. Medical biochemistry - John W. Baynes, Marek H. Dominiczak 2019

      Book Recommended reading

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