You are not required to purchase any book for this module. Due to its specialist nature, no textbook can cover the whole breadth of the subjects examined. A selection of readings, including monographs and journal articles, will be highlighted in each lecture handout. The following will be very relevant reading for your lectures and if you decide to write a 'Comparative Criminal Justice' dissertation later on.

  2. Essential Reading 1 item
    1. Comparative criminal justice systems: a topical approach - Philip L. Reichel 2018

      Book Essential reading

  3. Recommended Reading 15 items
    1. Criminal procedure: a worldwide study - Bradley, Craig M. 2007

      Book Recommended reading

    2. Evidence law adrift - Damaéska, Mirjan R. 1997

      Book Recommended reading

    3. Comparative Criminal Justice Systems - Harry DammerJay Albanese 17 Aug. 2010

      Book Recommended reading

    4. European criminal procedures - Delmas-Marty, Mireille, Spencer, John R. 2002

      Book Recommended reading

    5. One case-- two systems: a comparative view of American and German criminal justice - Feeney, Floyd, Herrmann, Joachim 2005

      Book Recommended reading

    6. Crime, procedure and evidence in a comparative and international context: essays in honour of Professor Mirjan Damaska - Damaska, Mirjan R., Jackson, John D., Langer, Maxáimo, Tillers, Peter 2008

      Book Recommended reading

    7. Comparative criminal justice: making sense of difference - David Nelken 2010

      Book Recommended reading

    8. Comparative criminal justice - Francis J. Pakes 2010

      Book Recommended reading

    9. Criminal evidence and human rights: reimagining common law procedural traditions - Paul Roberts, Jill B. Hunter 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended reading

    10. An introduction to comparative legal models of criminal justice - Cliff Roberson, Dilip K. Das 2016

      Book Recommended reading

    11. World criminal justice systems: a survey - Richard J. Terrill 2007

      Book Recommended reading

    12. An introduction to comparative law - Zweigert, Konrad, Kèotz, Hein 1998

      Book Recommended reading

  4. Journals 1 item
    1. There is a wide range of journals relevant to the course.


      European Journals

      International and Comparative Law Quarterly: < >

      Howard Journal of Criminal Justice: < >

      International Journal of Evidence & Proof: < >

      International Criminal Law Review: < >

      Criminal Law Forum: official journal of the society for the reform of the criminal law: <

      European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice: < >

      Journal of International Criminal Justice: < > 

      Punishment and Society: < >


      US journals 

      Criminal Justice Review: < www.

      International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice: <


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