1. Further Reading List 44 items
    Please note that the Required Reading List for this module is provided within the Weekly Lecture Slides and the Required Reading itself is uploaded on BL within each week's folder. Treat the Reading List here as Further Reading. NOTE THAT IF YOU READ THIS ONLINE, YOU CAN CLICK ON THE TITLES TO BE TAKEN TO ONLINE MATERIAL
    1. Further Reading List 3 items
      1. Postdramatic theatre - Hans-Thies Lehmann 2006

        Book Essential reading

      2. Fifty key theatre directors - Mitter, Shomit, Shevtsova, Maria 2005

        Book Essential reading Look specifically at Kantor, Brook, Grotowski, Ronconi, Barba, Foreman, Stein, Mnouchkine, Suzuki, Bausch, Wilson, Lecompte, Bogart, LePage, McBurney, Bieito – these are quite short.

    2. Anne Bogart 4 items
      1. The viewpoints book: a practical guide to viewpoints and composition - Anne Bogart, Tina Landau, Theatre Communications Group 2005

        Book Recommended reading Read ‘Chapter 2, Viewpoints and Composition: What are they?’

      2. The viewpoints book: a practical guide to viewpoints and composition

        Chapter Recommended reading ‘Chapter 11, Introducing Composition’ (pp. 137-151)

      3. Gertrude Stein, On Plays (on blackboard)

    3. Katie Mitchell 18 items
      1. DIRECTING TEXT 1 item
        1. The director's craft: a handbook for the theatre - Katie Mitchell, Katie Mitchell 2009

          Book Essential reading (We will look at certain chapters only)

        1. The master of improvisation - Jerry Tallmer 2005

          Article Recommended reading

        1. Toneelgroep Amsterdam

          Website Recommended reading Website in Dutch but you can click on “foto & video” to the left and browse through – there is a good trailer of The Roman Tragedies

        2. Christoph Marthaler, "Platz Mangel" 21 Jan 2010

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading In several languages but has clips

        3. NTFI Riesenbutzbach. Eine Dauerkolonie 28 Jul 2009

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

        4. Katia Kabanova - Janácek 28 Oct 2010

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

        5. Marthaler 1 4 Dec 2007

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading Maeterlinck done with the TGA.

      4. Thomas Ostermeier – The Schaubuhne Berlin 5 items
        1. The theatre of Thomas Ostermeier - Thomas Ostermeier, Peter Boenisch 2016 (electronic resource)

          Book Recommended reading

        2. Talk with Theatre Director Thomas Ostermeier | Talking Germany 15 Apr 2012

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading Interview in English with some clips

        3. Thomas Ostermeier's Hamlet 21 Mar 2009

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

        4. Thomas Ostermeier - Hamlet on Theatro TV 6 May 2012

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

        5. Schaubuehne

          Website Recommended reading The theatre’s website

      5. Peter Stein 3 items
        1. Profile: Peter Stein - John O'Mahony Saturday 9 August 2003

          Article Recommended reading

        2. The demons 8 Jul 2010

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

    4. Week 19 9 items
      Recommended readings and viewings: (concentrate on one topic of the three)
      1. Ariane Mnouchkine, 3 items
        1. Richard II 1982

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

        2. 1789

          Webpage Recommended reading Ariane Mnouchkine French Revolution piece – 1970-1. Website in French but scroll down to see images of multiple stages

      2. Peter Brook 4 items
        1. The empty space - Peter Brook 2008

          Book Recommended reading

        2. Archive theatre review: Krishna comes to the city of the popes - Michael Billington 1985, Thursday 18 December 2008

          Article Recommended reading

      3. Robert Wilson 2 items
        1. Robert Wilson

          Website Recommended reading Go to Archive and start looking at the photos from the end.

        2. Robert Wilson - Maria Shevtsova 2007

          Book Recommended reading

    5. Elizabeth Lecomte 10 items
        1. Repetition in performance: returns and invisible forces - Eirini Kartsaki 2017 (electronic resource)

          Book Recommended reading

        2. House-Lights 14 Mar 2010

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

        3. CPR-5: The Wooster Group: On LSD 21 Apr 2008

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

        4. Wooster Group Birdie 1 Aug 2010

          Audio-visual document Recommended reading

      2. Richard Maxwell 2 items
        1. Plays, 1996-2000

          Chapter Recommended reading Read 'House', pp. 111-134.

      3. Theory of Postdramatic theatre: 2 items
        1. Directing postmodern theater: shaping signification in performance - Jon Whitmore c1994

          Book Recommended reading

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