1. Essential 2 items
    This module is in part based around notions and/or material that can be found in the core text(s) listed below. It is therefore likely that you will use, or refer to, in your lecture/seminar sessions the notions and/or material in the books listed here. You will likely be directed to study aspects of these texts in your out-of-classroom time, that is, in your private study.
    1. Contemporary strategy analysis - Robert M. Grant 2016

      Book Core (purchase required) The 9th edition is recommended. There are previous editions in the library.

    2. Further readings will be prescribed (as needed) on a topic by topic basis.

  2. Journals 7 items
    1. Directed readings as specified by module tutors from journals such as (but not limited to) the following list of journals.

    2. Harvard business review - Harvard University

      Journal Other reading Also available as an e-journal

    3. Journal of world business - Columbia University

      Journal Other reading

    4. The Academy of Management review - Academy of Management

      Journal Other reading

  3. Newspapers, magazines, TV etc: 6 items
    1. Economist

      Journal Other reading No subscription. Sign up to read 3 articles free every week and receive daily and weekly newsletters

  4. Brunel Library Electronic Resources for Business 1 item
  5. Important sources can also be obtained from: 8 items
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