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  1. Quantitative Research Methods Reading List 4 items
    1. Research methods in psychology - John J. Shaughnessy, Eugene B. Zechmeister, Jeanne S. Zechmeister 2015

      Book Essential reading

    2. Introduction to research methods in psychology - Dennis Howitt, Duncan Cramer 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended reading

    3. Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS: and sex and drugs and rock'n'roll - Andy P. Field c2013

      Book Essential reading

    4. Research methods in psychology - Glynis M. Breakwell, Jonathan A. Smith, Daniel B. Wright 2012

      Book Recommended reading

  2. Qualitative Research Methods Reading List 10 items
    1. Introduction to qualitative research methods: a guidebook and resource - Robert Bogdan, Steven J. Taylor 1998

      Book Recommended reading

    2. Using thematic analysis in psychology - Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke 01/2006

      Article Essential reading This is an excellent paper on thematic analysis.

    3. Qualitative data analysis: an introduction - Carol Grbich 2013

      Book Recommended reading

    4. Introduction to qualitative methods in psychology - Dennis Howitt 2016

      Book Recommended reading This is a good book on qualitative methods which gives a broad overview

    5. Handbook of the psychology of interviewing - Amina Memon, Ray Bull 1999

      Chapter Recommended reading Read chapter: 'Interview in qualitative research'

    6. Interpretative phenomenological analysis: theory, method and research - Jonathan A. Smith, Paul Flowers, Michael Larkin 2009

      Book Recommended reading

    7. Qualitative psychology: a practical guide to research methods 2015

      Book Recommended reading This book is excellent for qualiative methods, I have put it down here as 'recommended' but Chapter 11 by Lucy Yardley is 'essential.' This chpater is listed separately as an electronic resource (scroll down the list) where I have classified it as 'essential.'

    8. Dilemmas in qualitative health research - Lucy Yardley 2000

      Article Essential reading This is very important for understanding good qualitative research.

    9. Critical psychology: an introduction - Dennis Fox, Isaac Prilleltensky, Stephanie Austin c2009

      Book Recommended reading

  3. Further reading 3 items
    1. Once in a house on fire

      Chapter Essential reading Read Chapter 13, pp.209-223

    2. Lucky - Alice Sebold

      Book Essential reading Read Chapter 7, pp.99-121, Seven

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