1. Recommended 1 item
  2. Week 1: Introduction to Physical Activity, Health and Well Being 4 items
    1. Physical activity and health

      Chapter Essential reading Read Chapter 1, pp. 3-21. Why study physical activity and health?

    2. How should we define health? - M. Huber, J. A. Knottnerus, L. Green, H. v. d. Horst 26/07/2011

      Article Essential reading

    3. Exercise, health, and mental health: emerging relationships - Guy E. J. Faulkner, Adrian H. Taylor 2005

      Book Recommended reading

    4. Physical activity and health: the evidence explained - Adrianne E. Hardman, David J. Stensel 2009

      Book Recommended reading

  3. Week 2: Sport, Exercise and Health behaviours - does theory work in practice? 2 items
    1. Foundations of sport and exercise psychology

      Chapter Recommended reading Read Part VI, Chapter 18: Exercise Behaviour and Adherence (Theories and Models of Exercise Behaviour, p.431-438)

  4. Week 3: Measuring and Evaluating Physical Activity and Health 5 items
    1. Validity of the international physical activity questionnaire short form (IPAQ-SF): A systematic review - Paul H Lee, Duncan J Macfarlane, TH Lam, Sunita M Stewart 2011

      Article Recommended reading

  5. Week 4: Positive Psychology, Sport, Exercise and Wellbeing 2 items
    1. Flourish: a visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being - Martin E. P. Seligman 2013

      Book Recommended reading

    2. Foundations of sport and exercise psychology - Robert S. Weinberg, Daniel Gould 2015

      Book Recommended reading

  6. Week 6: Physical Activity, Social inequalities and Patterns of Health 3 items
    1. Understanding the sociology of health - Anne-Marie Barry, Chris Yuill 2016

      Book Essential reading

  7. Week 7: Physical Activity and Health in Educational Contexts 2 items
    1. Sport pedagogy: an introduction for teaching and coaching

      Chapter Essential reading Read chapter 4: Learning about health through physical education and youth sport

  8. Week 8: Physiology of Health: epidemiological evidence, recommendations and guidelines 2 items
    1. Exercise physiology: basis of human movement in health and disease - Stanley P. Brown, Wayne C. Miller, Jane M. Eason 2006

      Book Recommended reading

    2. Physical activity and health - Claude Bouchard, Steven N. Blair, William L. Haskell 2007

      Book Essential reading Essential reading: Week 8 Chapter 1. Why study physical activity and health? Chapter 2. historical perspectives on physical activity, fitness, and health Chapter 10. Physical activity, fitness, and cardiac, vascular (and pulmonary) morbidities

  9. Week 9: Nutrition for Health: healthy diet, overweight & obesity and the role of exercise 2 items
    1. Exercise physiology: nutrition, energy and human performance - William D McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch 2015

      Book Recommended reading

    2. Sport and exercise biomechanics - Paul Grimshaw, Adrian Lees, Neil Fowler, Adrian Burden 2006

      Book Essential reading

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